Cosmic Dust™ Skin Brightening Mask

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Cosmic Dust™ Skin Brightening Mask

Get ready for a dose of skin brightening that will give you an out of this world glow! Cosmic Dust™ is a 100% natural and organic multi-use skin brightening powder that can be used as a gentle exfoliant or to create your own customized mask according to your skin type. We've also added lab made cruelty-free and ethical mica to add a sparkly touch to the high performing formula.

Simply add your choice of liquid and/or oils to activate all the goodies that are packed in this mask. You’ve now got a dose of skin brightening that’s ready to take your glow to the next level.

Benefits include:

- Even-tone skin

- Brighter complexion

- Reduce dark circles

- Anti-aging

- Free radical/pollution protection

- Boost Collagen production

- Anti-inflammatory

- Acne-prevention


INGREDIENTS: *rice powder, *clitoria ternatea (butterfly pea flower) powder, *lepidium meyenii (maca) powder, *aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf powder, *myrciaria dubia (camu camu) fruit powder, *carica papaya (papaya) fruit powder, fluorophlogopite  * USDA Certified Organic Ingredient