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Half Hippy is partnering with Tatianna Tarot, an incredible intuitive tarot card reader and spiritual wellness guide to bring you an exclusive ritual box called the, “Manifest Your Magick Ritual Kit.”

With ritual tools and spiritual insight customized per each sign, this kit will aide you in successfully setting and accomplishing your intentions for 2019. Tatianna's readings provide strategies for the year with a reading based on your individual sign focusing on the following categories: blockages/blessings, financial/career, love, and spiritual wellness.

This box is also specially curated with art prints and spiritual wellness items for a diverse community. We have chosen to represent people of all colors since that is also an extension of ourselves and our audience. Each astrological art print was designed to empower women and create more representation of all shades of beauty. (Yaaas Queen). While this box is focused on feminine energy, it is unisex just as the spirit of renewal and intentions are for every soul.

The kit includes (each retail value):*

TAROT READINGS: $15,  Specialized 2019 insights per Astrological Sign by Tatiana Tarot 
    • Suggested strategies for success the following categories: general overview, blockages/blessings, financial/career, love, and spiritual wellness.
ANOINTING OIL : $10, Special Blessed New Year Oil Blend 10ml vial by Tatianna Tarot (exclusive to this box)
    • Use to motivate, energize, boost moods & bring passion into the New Year.
    • Charged with Sound Healing Vibration attuned to the frequency of Abundance & Success
    • Can also be used as aromatherapy in diffuser or to anoint candle work.
    APOTHECARY BEAUTY: $15, Gem n’ Juice™ 1 oz Hydrating Facial/Ritual Rose Hydrosol Mist by Half Hippy
      •  Contains actual rose quartz crystals in every bottle for heart centered energy
      CRYSTAL: $6, High Vibration Celestite Crystal.
        • Known for heavenly communication and ideal for connection with angelic presence  or guardian angels. Utilize it to seek Divine guidance, protection or healing. (varies in size 0.5-1.5”)

      CLEANSE:  $5, Palo Santo, Juniper, and Lavender smudge bundle for cleansing your space with feel good vibes

      ART PRINT: $7, Horoscope Element Art Print designed by Half Hippy. Prints represent all shades of beauty and divine feminine energy.

      WELLNESS: Promotional partnership with other small brands featuring wellness, beauty, jewelry, & spiritual offerings

      1. Luni 
      2. Chiquita Brujita
      3. Bread X Butta
      4. Tonic Vibes
      5. The Voluptuous Witch

      * If you would like to purchase additional art prints/readings for your kit, you have the option of one extra print at $7 or 2 additional prints for $10. Choose one sign in the drop down menu with either "+ 1" or "+ 2" for this option. Please send us an email with with your name, order number, and additional choices to