TESTER "Shine Bright" Cosmic Dust™ Mask Gift Set

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What's in this swaggy gift set? 

- Cosmic Dust™ Skin Brightening Dry Mask Vial (4 uses)

- Organic bamboo face towel

- Soft synthetic fiber brush for mask application 

- Reusable copper bowl

Now, you're ready to be a glowing Cosmic Kaweeen! or you can gift this to another human you adore. 


Cosmic Dust™ Skin Brightening Mask

Cosmic Dust™ is a dry, 100% natural and organic skin brightening mask that can be customized according to your skin type. The key ingredients include maca, beet, and rice powder that are rich in nutrients and minerals that aid in evening out hyperpigmentation. 

Simply add your choice of liquid and/or oils to activate all the goodies that are packed in this mask. You’ve now got a dose of skin brightening that’s ready to take your glow to the next level.


INGREDIENTS: *beta vulgaris (beet) root powder, *lepidium meyenii (maca) powder, *aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf powder, *rice powder, *myrciaria dubia (camu camu) fruit powder, *carica papaya (papaya) fruit powder  * USDA Certified Organic Ingredient